The GRiPPENHAM Tales – The Hidden Truth – BOOK


A fantasy novel for children of all ages between 14 and 94.



When young Arthur learns that his friend Tom has stumbled onto a crime scene and had a close encounter with the perpetrators, he rushes to visit his friend to learn more about the day.  Then a dark stranger, claiming to be Tom’s Uncle Jeremy, leaves a mysterious package containing a mind-controlling Potion for Tom.  And so begins an adventure which none of those involved could possibly have imagined.  That was just ten days before Tom became invisible for the first time.  As the plot deepens, Tom, Arthur, Arthur’s twin sister Ivy and their cousin Mildred, are taken into a world of mystery and intrigue as they race against time to solve the crime and save Tom’s parents.  With colorful characters, twists and turns, the story is told with vivid imagination and wry wit.

e-book available directly from the publishers: Austin Macauley  for £3.95
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Readers’ Comments

“ … I was hooked right from the beginning, I couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next. The author has made you feel like you’re listening to him telling the story … I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to start reading Fantasy books as I feel it’s a great introduction to the Genre. However anyone who decides to read this book would not be dissappointed.”
Laura Sarjeant

This debut novel from John C Stannard is a real gem. It is a gripping tale told with sharp wit and unique comedy. The word play is excellent and keeps you smiling and “on your toes” all the way through.The characters are memorable and their names worthy of a Dickens novel. It was a very enjoyable read and I would recommend it to anyone, child or adult, who likes Tolkien-esk fantasy laced with rich wit and humour. Definitely a Five Star for me.
Jan Moncrieff

I really enjoyed reading this book.  Very cleaver use of words, had many a chuckle.
Great description of people and places.
Stuart Douglas



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