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John Cee Stannard has recorded his albums exclusively at  Whitehouse Studios in Reading.
Chief engineer Matt Bew.



Graphic Design of all four albums by David MacKenzie.

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Lynne Whiteland  &  John Cee are Tudor Lodge.


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John Cee Stannard is a member of the
Independent Blues Broadcasters Association



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UK Publicity for “Bus Depot Blues”,  Golly Gallagher.



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The old 1971 Tudor Lodge album is now exceedingly collectible.


“Bus Depot Blues”, “Stone Cost Sober” “to the river” album and “It’s Christmas Time” EP manufactured by dbMasters Ltd.
Studio filming during “Bus Depot Blues” by Christopher Craddock.
Additional location filming by Badger Music Media.
Musicians were John Cee Stannard, and Blues Horizon – Mike Baker and Howard Birchmore.
Guest musicians on “Bus Depot Blues” were: Julian Bown on drums, Andy Crowdon double bass,
                           Melissa is on violin, Alison Rolls backing vocals, and Alex Steer tambourine.
Guest musicians on “Stone Cold Sober” were: Julian Bown on drums, Andy Crowdy on double bass,
                           Simon Mayor on violin and mandolin, Matt Empson on piano,
                           Roger Cotton on Hammond C3, and Nicole Monique Johnson backing vocals.
Guest musicians on “to the river” were: Julian Bown on drums, Andy Crowdy on double bass,
                           Simon Mayor on violin, Matt Empson on piano, Jason Manners on guitar,
                           Julia Titus guest vocals, and The Farnham Voices Community Choir.

The “Doob Doo” album was mastered by Ray Staff at Air Studios London.
Manufactured by Music Box Media.
Filming and photography by Badger Music Media.
Additional photo Simon Stannard Photography
The album album includes appearances by singer songwriter and amazing piano player Paul Millns.
Haunting trumpet by Matt Winch. Saxophone grooves by Nick Pentelow and cutting hammond by Roger Cotton.
Then there’s trombone by Mike Innes, bass by Nigel Portman-Smith, drums by Richard Hudson, and there is a special guest appearance by Gary Fletcher on That’s my way; a song he wrote, and for which he joined me on the recording adding guitar and bass.
Harmonicas by Howard Birchmore (who is also a fine artist), and Marco Farris.
Backing, and guest vocal appearance by Nicole Monique Johnson.
Additional guitars by Richard Cox-Smith, and Mike Baker.
and Banjo by Richard Collins.

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My good friend and long time partner in Tudor Lodge, Lynne Whiteland, is a skilled and qualified
practitioner in Crystal Healing and Hypnotherapy at The Boars Bridge Therapy Centre.