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JohnCee presents his  “Blues Hour” on Friday at 7:00pm. It is repeated the following Wednesday at  9:00pm.





Blast1386 is the student station of Reading College broadcasting on 1386am and over the internet.


The show includes a smattering of gig news courtesy of Blues In Britain magazineBlues In Britain logo


ibba_logo   John is a member of the Independent Blues Broadcasters Association



Show No 060                            28th April 2017

Show No.060       28/04/2017      song                                                                        album
Dan Phelps                                         Broke Down Engine Blues                            Broke Down Engine
Barbecue Bob                                    Twistin’ That Stuff                                          Complete Vol.3
Dona Oxford                                      Something You Got                                        Live & Loud
Porter Nickerson                              If You Stay                                                         Bonfire To Ashes
Lightnin’ Slim                                     Bad Luck                                                          I’m A Rolling Stone
Dave Hunt                                           Dog House Blues                                           100 Horses
Delta Moon                                        21st Century Man                                            Cabbage Town
Walter Trout                                      Tomorrow Seems So Far Away                   Battle Scars
Toriah Fontain                                   Marked By Sin                                                Blackwater
Sean Webster Band                         Hands Of Time                                                 Leave Your Heart At The Door
John Cee Stannard                          Nothin’ Is What You Get                                To The River
Big Bill Broonzy&Memphis Slim  Conversation With The Blues                      Vauderville Blues
Tab Benoit                                          Bone Pickin                                                    Strike A Deep Chord
Koko Taylor                                        Wang Dang Doodle                                       The Intro Collection
Show No 059                            21st April 2017

Show No.059       21/04/2017      song                                                                        album
Steady Rollin Bob Margolin        See Me In The Evening                                     Hound Dog Tribute
Benjamin Bassford                        Ain’t No Backdoor Man                                    Road Sickness
Frank Stokes                                   ‘Taint Nobody’s Business If I Do                    Best Of
Chris Bergson                                 Lullaby                                                                  Bitter Midnight
Dr John                                            Brother Can You Spare a Dime                       Strike A Deep Chord
Hugh Laurie                                    Police Dog Blues                                                Let Them Talk
Dave Arcari                                     Pearline                                                                Hellbound Train
Leon Redbone                                Mr Jelly Roll Baker                                            Collection
Zoe Schwartz                                  I Wanna Get Something Started With You   This Is The Life I Chose
Jimmy Witherspoon                     Strange Woman Blues                                       Confessin’ The Blues
Husky Tones                                   Put Your Arms Around Someone You Love  Who Will I Turn To
Bobby Messano                              Road To Oblivion                                               Bad Movie
Ottilie Patterson                             When Things Go Wrong                                   That Patterson Girl
Texas Alexander                             Death Bed Blues                                                 Complete Vol 1
Charlie Wheeler                              Darlene                                                                 Blues Karma

Show No 058                            14th April 2017

Show No.058       14/04/2017      song                                                                        album
Luther Allison                                    Give Me Back My Wig                                    Hound Dog – Tribute
Mance Lipscomb                              Sometimes I Feel Like                                    Pure Texas Country Blues
Sean Webster                                   You Got To Know                                             Leave Your Heart At The Door
Big Joe Turner                                   How Long Blues                                                  5 classic albums
Rag & Moan Men                             Nothing To Lose                                               Brownsville to Friar’s Point
Short Stuff                                          Sittin On Top Of The World                          Big Blue
Zoe Schwartz                                     Broken                                                                 This Is The Life I Chose
Percy Mayfield                                  Strange Things Happen                                 My Blues
High Laurie                                          Evenin’                                                                 Didn’t It Rain
Mattie Delaney                                 Down That Big Road Blues                            Rough Guide to Unsung Heroes
Sea Sick Steve                                   That’s All                                                              Man From Another Time
Broken Levee                                   Anyone But You                                                    Out Of The Storm
The Blues Band                                 I Can’t Be Satisfied                                          Big Live 1991
Kerrie Lepai                                        Ready To Play                                                    Organic Blues

Show No 057                            7th April 2017


Show No.057       07/04/2017      song                                                                        album
Elvin Bishop & Little Smokey      Roll Your Money Maker                                That’s My Partner
Jeremy Spencer                                Trouble & Woe                                                 Precious Little
Malaya Blue                                       The Corner                                                               Single
Sean Webster Band                        Give Me The Truth                                          Leave \your Heart At The Door
Big Mama Thornton                        Life Goes On
CW Stoneking                                   She’s A Bread Baker                                       King Hokum
Etta James Cast                                 Roll With Me Henry                                        At Last The Etta James Story
Broken Levee                                    To Know You Is To Love You                        Out Of The Storm
Toriah Fontain                                  Howling At My Door                                       Blackwater
Mark Harrison                                   Next Of Kin                                                        Turpentine
Earl Thomas                                       Twelve Gates To The City                             Plantation Gospel
John Verity                                         I’ll Put A Spell On You                                    Tone Hound
Leroy Carr                                           Prison Bound Blues                                        Prison Bound Blues
Keb Mo`                                               That’s Not Love                                                Just Like You

Show No 056                            31st March 2017

Show No.056       31/03/2017      song                                                                        album
William Clarke                                    Daddy Pinocchio                                               Groove Time
Clarence Edwards                            Rocky Mountains                                                various artists
Rolling Stones                                    I Gotta Go                                                           Blue And Lonesome
Rag Mama Rag                                  Mean Old Lonesome Blues                          Some Old Day
Lachey Doley                                     Get It While You Can                                      Lovelight
John Mayall                                        Talk About That                                                Talk About That
Pillie Bolling                                        Shake Me Like A Dog                                         various artists               
Paul Brasch                                         Six Days On The Road                                     Find My Way
Will Johns                                            Last Page                                                             Something Old Something New
Big Wolf Band                                    Done Wrong By You                                        A Rebel’s Story
Guy Verlinde                                     Down The Line                                                  How How How
Jimmy Witherspoon                       Hard Working Man Blues                              Confessin’ The Blues
Samantha Fish                                   Hello Stranger                                                   Chills and Fever
Shortstuff                                           O’Reilly At The Bar                                           Big Blue


Show No 055                            24th March 2017



Show No.055       24/03/2017      song                                                                        album
Katie Webster                                   Two Fisted Mama                                            Two Fisted Mama
Bridgette DeMeyer                         The Juke                                                              Mockingbird Soul
Sonny Boy Williamson                    Come On Back Home                                     King Biscuit Time
Jack J Hutchinson                             Easy Baby                                                            Unplugged
Eric Clapton                                        Cypress Grove                                                  I Still Do
Rambling Thomas                            Poor Boy Blues                                                     various artists
Teresa Watson                                  Come To Mama                                                                Teresa Watson Band
National Gallery                                                Trouble In Mind                                                                Keep It Clean
Geoff Achison                                   Working My Way Back Home                      Another Mile Another Minute
Paul Brasch                                         Empire State Blues                                          Find My Way
Blind Willie McTell                            Statesboro Blues                                              Best Of
At Last The Etta James Story       Spoonfull                                                             At Last The Etta James Story
Gaetano Letizia                                 Hot And Cold Woman                                    Resurrection
Buddy Guy & Jnr Wells                  Hoodoo Man                                                        various artists
James O’Hara Band                         A Bottle Of Gin                                                  James O’Hara Band
Kerrie Lepai                                        I Am The One                                                    Organic Blues

Show No 054                            17th March 2017

Show No.054       17/03/2017      song                                                                        album
Kenny Neal&Billy Brasch               Baby Bee                                                             Double Take
Louisiana Red                                    Lightnin’ Bug                                                          compilation
Lachy Doley                                        Only Cure For The Blues Is The Blues       Lovelight
Geoff Achison                                   High Wire                                                            Another Mile Another Minute
Jimmy Witherspoon                       How Long                                                            Ain’t Nobody’s Business
Charlie Musclewhite                       I’m Going Home                                                   compilation
Teresa Watson                                  Need Your Love So Bad                                 Teresa Watson Band
King Loius&LaRhonda Steele`     Walking The Dog                                              Rock Me Baby
Sugarman Sam                                  Sunshine Of My Life                                       Record Store Education
John Cee Stannard                          History                                                                  To The River
Paul Brasch                                         Heel & Toe                                                          Find My Way
John Verity                                         The Thrill Is Gone                                             It’s A Mean Old Scene
Shortstuff                                           Hey Porter                                                          Big Blue

Show No 053                            10th March 2017


Show No.053       10/03/2017      song                                                                        album
Eric Clapton                                     Somebody’s Knocking                                       I Still Do
Billy Boy Arnold                               Catfish                                                                  Blues Harp Boogie – various
Geoff Achison                                   Baby Come Back                                               Another Mile Another Minute
Sari Schorr                                        Ain’t Got No Money                                           A Force Of Nature
Jimmy Read                                      Cry Before I Go                                                 Intro To Blues – various
Catfish                                                Hit The Ground Running                                Broken Man
Dave Van Ronk                                Down South Blues                                           The Story Ended
Tom Robinson                                   No Whiskey                                                       Big Boss Man
Martin Harley&Daniel Kimbro       Mean Old City Pt2                                            Static In The Wire
Bert Jansch/Beth Orton                  When The Sun Comes Up                              The Black Swan
Teresa Watson Band                       Love Me Like A Man                                       Teresa Watson Band
Nine Below Zero                              Crawling Up A Hill                                           13 Shades Of Blue
Paul Brasch                                       Keep My Place At The Table                        Find My Way
J Shogren                                          Bird Bones And Muscle                                 Bird Bones And Muscle


Show No 052                            3rd March 2017


Show No.052        03/03/2017      song                                                                       album
John Mayall                                        Don’t Deny Me                                                 Talk About That
Paul Lamb & Kingsnakes              Tore Down                                                          Live @ Albert Hall
Cast Etta James Story                     I Just Wanna Make Love To You                At Last The Etta James Story
Shortstuff                                           Sitting In The Rain                                            Big Blue
Blues Review                                   Trouble On My Mind                                      Burn Out
Jimmy Witherspoon                        Times Getting Tougher Than Tough         Ain’t Nobody’s Business
Nine Below Zero                              It’s Your Voodoo Working                            13 Shades Of Blue
Gwyn Ashton & Chris Finnen        I Can Feel That Mojo Working On Me     Ragas Jugs & Mojo Hands
Georgie Fame                                   Baby Please Don’t Go                                    R & B at The Flamingo
David Bray                                         Night Rains                                                         Night Rains
Ritchie Dave Porter                         When The Sun Don’t Shine                          Acoustic Blues
Martin Harley & Daniel Kimbro      Trouble                                                                Static In The Wire
Sonny Terry                                        So Tough With Me                                           Whooping
King Biscuit Boy                                 Get It Right                                                         Blues Harp Boogie
The Sharpeez                                    Tower Of Love                                                  Live

Show No 051                           24th February  2017

Show No.051        24/02/2017            song                                                                       album
Eric Lindell                                          It’s A Drag                                                           Gulf Coast Highway
National Gallery                                Come Back Baby                                               Keep It Clean
Lol Goodman Band                           Live My Life With The Blues                           Just Wanna Say
Jack J Hutchinson                             Boom                                                                    Unplugged
Sylvester Weaver                              Guitar Rag                                                               compilation
Lachy Doley Group                          Lovelight                                                              Lovelight
John Verity                                         Hoochie Coochie Man                                     It’s A Mean Old Scene
Levi Cuss                                            Murder Of Crows                                              Night Thief
Toria Fontain                                      Come On In My Kitchen                                   Black Water
Martin Harley&Daniel Kimbro        This Little Bird                                                    Static In The Wire
Sonny Boy Williamson                     Cool Cool Blues                                               King Biscuit Time
Jimmy Witherspoon                           Outskirts Of Town                                            Ain’t Nobody’s Business
Jimmy Bowskill&Carlos Del Junko Confidence Man                                             Blues etc
Dave Fields                                         Anticipating You                                               Unleashed
Show No 050                           17th February  2017


Show No.050        17/02/2017      song                                                                       album
Tinsley Ellis                                          Speak No Evil                                                     Speak No Evil
John Ginty                                          Believe In Smoke                                             Rockers
Jimmy Bowskill                                  Beale St. Toodle-oo                                        Blues etc
Blues Band                                          Can’t Hold On                                                    Ready
Jelly Jaw Short                                   Grand Daddy Blues                                             compilation
Giles Hedley                                       So Glad I’m Living                                             So Glad I’m Living
Lightnin’ Hopkins                             Jackstropper Blues                                          Smokes Like Lightening
Jellybread                                           Rivers Invitation                                               Complete Horizon
Rolling Stones                                    Commit A Crime                                               Blue And Lonesome
Rob Berry                                            Charlitan                                                              I’d Rather Go Busking
John Cee Stannard                          Winin Boy Blues                                                To The River
Thorbjorn Risager                            City Of Love                                                        Change My Game
Eric Clapton                                        Stones In My Passway                                   I Still Do
Blue Touch                                          When The Spirit Moves                                 Nothing Left To Hide

Show No 049                           10th February  2017

Show No.049        10/02/2017          song                                                                       album
Mavis Staples                                     Step Into The Light                                          Have A Little Faith
Toriah Fontain                                     Sleeping On The Wrong Side                       Black Water
Blind Lemon Jefferson                      Easy Rider Blues                                             The Story – compilation
Dave Fields                                         My Mama’s Got The Blues                             Unleashed
Christine Perfect                                Crazy ‘Bout You Baby                                      Blue Horizon Sessions
John Ginty                                           Lucky 13                                                             Rockers
King Biscuit Boys                               Miss You When You’ve Gone                        Got My Eyes On You
Fiona Boyles                                       Devil You Know                                                Professin’ The Blues
John Verity                                          Dust My Broom                                                 It’s A Mean Old Scene
Starlite Campbell Band                   Walking Out The Door                                      Blueberry Pie
Jo Harman                                          The Final Page                                                  People We Become
Easterfield                                          Trouble                                                                Honky Tonk Sessions
Big Bill Morganfield                          Too Much                                                            Bloodstains On The Wall
Gaetano Letizia                                 Hot And Cold Woman                                      Resurection

Show No 048                           3rd February  2017


Show No.048        03/02/2017      song                                                                       album
Johnny Winter                                 Evil On My Mind                                                 3rd Degree
Jim Koeppel                                     Johny’s In The Doghouse                               RSVP To Paradise
Jack J Hutchinson                           Look In The Mirror                                            Set Your Heart For The Sun
Wynonie Harris                                Somebody Changed The Lock On My Door        Rockin’ The Blues
Papa George                                    Blues With A Feeling                                        Down At The Station
Jo Harman                                         When We Were Young                                    People We Become
Eric Clapton                                      Alabama Woman Blues                                   I Still Do
Fran McGillivray                               End Of The Road                                              Midnight Call
Ben Waters                                        Worried Life Blues                                            Boogie 4 Stu
King Biscuit Boys                              Pep In My Step                                                 Got My Eyes On You
Troy Redfern                                      My Time Ain’t Long                                          Dirt Blues Ritual
Freddie Spuell                                   4A Highway                                                           various artists
Ottilie Patterson                                Shipwreck Blues                                               That Patterson Girl
Backbone Blues Band                     Beal To Bourbon                                               Which Way To The Blues

Show No 047                           27th January  2017

Show No.047        27/ 01/2017      song                                                                      album
Luther Allison                                   When Will It ever Change                               Reckless
Sean Taylor                                       Run To The Water                                             Flood and Burn
Thorbjorn Risage &                         Change My Name                                            Change My Name
Leroy Carr                                         Blues Before Sunrise                                          compilation
Catfish                                                Never Go Back                                                  Broken Man
Peter Karp                                         Blues In Mind                                                     Alabama Town
Troy Redfern                                     Jelly Roll                                                             Dirt Blues Ritual
Arthur Petties                                    Two Time Blues                                                   various artists
Zoe Schwarz                                     People                                                                This Is The Life I Chose
Rob Berry                                          Cuttin Stone                                                       Cuttin Stone
William Moore                                  Ragtime Millionaire                                            various artists
Giles Hedley                                     Down To The River                                           So Glad I’m Livin
Wynonie Harris                                 Here Comes The Blues                                      compilation

Show No 046                           20th January  2017

Show No.046        20/ 01/2017      song                                                                      album
Deb Ryder                                        Get A Little Steam Up                                     Grit Grease And Tears
Mud Morganfield                             Easy Lover                                                         Fall Water Fall
Will Johns                                         All That Glitters                                                 Something Old Something New
Jon Gindick                                      Wishing Well                                      When We Die We All Come Back As Music
Jack J Hutchinson                          Locomotive Blues                                             Unplugged
Memphis Slim                                 Just Landed In Your Town                               Harlem Bound
Kid Bailey                                         Mississippi Bottom Blues                                     various artists
Jim Koeppel                                     Let Me Tell You                                                  RSVP To Paradise
Kent Du Chaine                               Baby Please Don’t Go                                     Rough Cuts
Gaetano Letiza                                 Old Guitar Player                                              Resurrection
Mike Cooper                                     Bad Luck Blues                                                 Oh Really
Amos Garrett                                     Fading Love                                                      Get Way Back
Big Bill Broonzy                                Truckin Little Woman                                              compilation
Ray Charles                                      Blues Before Sunrise                                             compilation


Show No 045                           13th January  2017

Show No.045       13/ 01/2017              song                                                                      album
Rob Berry                                           Cut Me Some Slack                                        Blues n Boxes
Amos Garrett                                      Stranger In My Hometown                            Get Way Back
Gary Fletcher                                     Greenstuff                                                         Official Bootleg
The Outsiders                                    River Blindness                                               Everything’s Gone Vintage
JW Jones                                            Midnight Blue                                                   High Temperature
Rolling Stones                                   All Of Your Love                                                Blue And Lonesome
Rebecca Downs                                Back To The Start                                             Be Live
Blind Boys Of Alabama                    I’m Journeying On                                           Sanctify My Soul compilation
Paul Lamb & Kingsnakes                May Day Blues                                                 After Hours
Rag Mama Rag                                 Georgia Bound                                                 Some Old Day
Michael Bloomfield                           If You See My Baby                                         It’s Not Killing Me
Rob Berry                                           Oh Lordy Lord                                                   Blues n Boxes
Fran McGillivray Band                     End Of The Road                                              Midnight Call
Jon Gindick                                        I Love You More                                    When We Die We All Come Back As Music

Show No 044                           6th January  2017

Show No.044        06/ 01/2017            song                                                                      album
Hanna Mikkuen                               Forever                                                                Backbone Cast
Troy Redfern                                     Ain’t No Judgement Day                                 Dirt Blues Ritual
Donna Oxford                                   Won’t Be Long                                                   Live and Loud
Fran McGillivray                                Mister Blues                                                      Midnight Call
Levi Cuss                                            Bring It Back                                                      Night Thief
Alberta Hunter                                   Give Me All The Love You Got                             compilation
Apocalypse Blues Review              Whisky In My Coffee                                         Apocalypse Blues Review
Robert Cray                                        Baby’s Arms                                                       Shoulda Been Home
Rag Mama Rag                                 Caution To The Wind                                        Some Old Day
Jack J Hutchinson                             Get It Back                                                          Set Your Heart For The Sun
Walklate & Fuschi                             Don’t You Know Me                                          Kicking Up The Dust
Gaetano Letizia                                 Have A Little Party                                            Resurrection
Peter Karp                                          Y’all Be Looking                                                Alabama Town
Billy T Band                                        Shame Shame                                                  Reckoning
Daniel DeVito                                    You Got Me Where You Want Me                  Southside Blues

Show No 043                           30th December 2016

Show No.043       30/12/2016             song                                                                        album
Deb Ryder                                           Ain’t Gonna Be Easy                                       Grit Grease And Tears
Rebecca Downs                                 Never Gonna Learn                                        Be Live
George Williams+Bessie Brown     You Need Some Lovin                                        compilation
Blues Band                                          Stealin’                                                               These Kind Of Blues
Gary Fletcher                                       The Other Side Of The Street                        Official Bootleg
Rolling Stones                                    Just Your Fool                                                    Blue And Lonesome
Papa George Band                            Long Time Dead                                               Down At The Station
Rod Berry                                            Charlatan                                                            I’d Rather Go Busking
Mike Zito                                              Chip Off The Block                                            Make Blues Not War
Leonard Cohen                                  Treaty / Reprise                                                 You Want It Darker
Gary Moore                                         Still Got The Blues                                                compilation
Kansas Joe                                         Bothering That Thing                                           various artists
Skyport’s Pottingshed Band           DIY Blues                                                             A Serious Business
Paul Butterfield Blues Band           Shake Your Money Maker                                Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Charlie Wheeler Band                     Never Can Tell                                                   Blues Karma+Kitchen Sink
Keb Mo                                                Perpetual Blues Machine                              Just Like You

Show No 042                           23rd December 2016

Show No.042       23/12/2016              song                                                                        album
Janiva Magness                                 Whistlin In The Dark                                        Stronger For It
RB Stone                                             Another Thief                                                    Some Call It Freedom
Cecil Grant                                          Hello Santa Claus                                                 various artists
Markey Blue                                        I’ll Wait For You                                                 The Blues Are Knocking
Buddy Guy                                          Worried Blues                                                         various artists
Hilary James                                       Separation Blues                                              You Don’t Know
Swampgrass                                      One Eye Open                                                   One Eye Open
Anna Mayers                                      T’aint Nobody’s Biz-ness If I Do                         various artists
Starlite Campbell Band                   Thrill You                                                              Blueberry Pie
Bumble Bee Slim                              Christmas & No Santa Claus                             various artists
Mud Morganfield                               Sugar Baby                                                         Fall Water Fall
Sari Schorr                                          Cat And Mouse                                                 A Force Of Nature
John Cee Stannard                           Beggin Santa Claus                                         It’s Christmas Time
King Louis & LaRhonda Steel        Phenomenal Woman                                       Rock Me Baby

Show No 041                            16th December 2016

Show No.041       16/12/2016              song                                                                        album
James Cotton                                    With The Quickness                                        Giant
Mud Morganfield                              40 Days and 40 Nights                                    Live
Ralf Willis                                            Christmas Blues                                                 various artists
Curtis Jones                                       You Don’t Have To Go                                    Blue Horizon Sessions
Martin Harley & Daniel Kimbro       Sweet And Low                                               Southern Ground
Big Joe Lewis                                     Christmas Eve 1993                                       Big Sixteen
Mary Jo Curry                                    When A Woman’s Had Enough                    Mary Jo Curry
Bertha “Chippie” Hill                        How Long Blues                                                    various artists
Troy Redfern                                      Love And War                                                   Love And War
John Cee Stannard                          It’s Christmas Time                                          It’s Christmas Time
Eddie Martin                                      Too Much Choice                                             Black White And Blue
Vaneese Thomas                             Lonely No More                                                The Long Journey Home
Bertha “Chippie” Hill                       Christmas Man Blues                                          various artists
Muddy Waters                                  The Stuff You Gotta Watch                                  compilation
Sonny Boy Williamson 1                Good Morning Little Schoolgirl                         various artists

Show No 040                            9th December 2016


Show No.040       9/12/2016             song                                                                   album
Smokin’ Joe Kubek                          Have Blues Will Travel                                    Have Blues Will Travel
Kelly Joe Phelps                               Hard Time Killing Floor Blues                       Lead Me On
Troy Redfern                                     Outta Time And Luck                                       Love And War
Martin Harley & Daniel Kimbro     Nobody’s Fault But Mine                                 Southern Ground
Billy Holliday                                      Keep On Raining                                             Embraceable You
Roy Mette                                           Big Daddy C                                                           single
Chris Rea                                           Dancing The Blues Away                               Dancing Down The Stoney Road
Alma Henderson                              I’ve Gotta Daddy Down In New Orleans        various artists
John Verity Band                              Santa Claus Got The Blues                            Back Door Santa
Martin Harley & Daniel Kimbro     Trouble                                                                Static In The Wire
Beth Hart                                            Love Is A Lie                                                      Fire On The Rain
Jimmy Reed                                       Honest I Do                                                        Round Midnight
Jeff Healey                                         Love Takes Time                                               Holding On
Jimmy Smith                                      See See Rider                                                   Home Cooking

Show No 039                            2nd December 2016

Koko Taylor /Keb Mo                       The Man Next Door                                        Royal Blue
Apocalypse Blues Review             The Devil Plays A Strat                                  Apocalypse Blues Review
Jim Crawford                                     Trouble In Mind                                               Blue Boy
Nine Below Zero                               That’s What Love Will Make You Do          13 Shades Of Blue
Starlite Campbell Band                   Say What You Want                                        Blueberry Pie
John Jackson                                    Railroad Bill                                                      Railroad Bill
BB King / Eric Clapton                     Riding With The King                                      Riding With The King
King Biscuit Boys                             She Scares Me                                                 Got My Eyes On You
Bukka White                                      Got Sick & Tired                                                Complete Horizon
Blue Touch                                         Tear Us Apart                                                    Nothing Left To Hide
Sugarman Sam & Voodoo Men     Stone Cold Man                                                Record Store Education
Big Bill Morganfield`                        Look What You Done                                       Blues With A Mood

Show No 038                           18th November 2016


Show No.038      18/11/2016         song                                                                      album
Saffire –Uppity Blues Women        Sloppy Drunk                                                     Hot Flash
Giles Hedley                                      Sleepy Man Blues                                            So Glad I’m Livin’
Florence Lowrey                               Moving Day Blues                                            various
Big Joe Turner                                   Cheery Red                                                        Boss Of The Blues
Backbone Blues Band                     Ain’t No Use                                                      Which Way To The Blues
Josh White                                          My Father Is A Husbandman                         collection
Mary Jo Curry                                    Ooooo Weeee                                                    Mary Jo Curry
Nine Below Zero                               Paper In My Shoe                                             13 Shades Of Blue
Jelly Bread                                          I Pity The Fool                                                    Complete Blue Horizon
Eric Clapton                                        Third Degree                                                      From The Cradle
Memphis Minnie                                Nothin’ In Ramblin                                            collection
Steve James                                       Dough Roller                                                      Short Blues Stories
King King                                             Wait On Time                                                      King King Live
Big Chief Ellis                                      She Is Gone                                                        various

Show No 037                           11th November 2016

Show No.037      11/11/2016              song                                                                      album
Jason Elmore                                   Green To Gone                                                 Champagne Velvet
Wildmen Blues Band                      Tore Down                                                         It’s Freezing In My Heart
JW Jones                                          High Temperature                                            High Temperature
King King                                          You Stopped The Rain                                    Live
Annie 2CU                                        Thrill Is Gone                                                     Wicked Girl Blues
Robert Cray Band                            Too Many Cooks                                              Who’s Been Talking
Van Morrison                                    Back On Top                                                      Back On Top
Spencer Mackenzie                        Jumpin’ From 6 to 6                                         Infected With The Blues
Nine Below Zero                              Watch What You Did To Me                           13 Shades Of Blue
JT Funny Paper Smith                     Good Coffee Blues                                          1930-31
Kat & Co                                             Calling Your Name                                           Blues Is The New Cool
Mike Zito                                             Wasted Time                                                     Make Blues Not War
John Doe Trio                                    Teasing Woman Blues                                    Stranger
Percy Mayfield                                   Please Send Me Someone To Love             My Blues
Chicago 9                                           Chillin’                                                                Sugar Your Own 

Show No 036                           4th November 2016

Show No.036      4/11/2016                song                                                                      album
Rick Estrin                                         One Wrong Turn                                              One Wrong Turn
King Louis&LaRhonda Steel         What A Difference A Day Makes                  Rock Me Baby
Charlie Patton                                   It Won’t Be Long                                              Best of
Giles Robson                                    Bound For The Boarder                                 For Those Who Need The Blues
Mark Harrison                                   Dirty Business                                                  Turpentine
Markey Blue                                      Lay Down Lucille                                            The Blues Are Knocking
Deb Ryder                                         Ain’t Gonna Be Easy                                      Grit Grease And Tears
Julia Titus                                           Life Is Too Short                                              Life Is Too Short
Swanp Things                                   Kansas City                                                      Catfish Row
Kent DuChaine                                 Help Me                                                            Rough Cut
T-Bone Walker                                  Stormy Monday Blues                                    Stormy Monday Blues
Catfish                                                Going Down                                                     So Many Roads
Colin James                                      Lonesome                                                         Blues Highway
Big Joe Williams                              Brother James                                                  collection
Buddy Guy & Jnr Wells                   High Healed Sneakers                                   Alone & Acoustic

Show No 035                           21st   October 2016


Show No.035     21/10/2016                        song                                                                      album
Eddie Clearwater                                            A Good Leaving Alone                                   West Side Strut
Josh Wight                                                       Welfare Blues                                                          Compilation
James Cotton                                                  Buried Alive Blues                                           Giant
Ottilie Patterson                                              Careless Love                                                   Ottilie Patterson Girl
Walter Trout                                                     Tomorrow Seems So Far Away                      Battle Scars
John Cee                                                          Do It All Over Again                                         to the river
Deb Ryder                                                        Lord Knows I Do                                              Grit Grease & Tears
Lewis Hamilton                                               Sticks & Stones                                                 Shipwrecked
Paul Butterfield                                                Walking By Myself                                           Keep On Moving
Virgil&Accelorators                                         No Turning Back                                              Blues From Beyond
Mississippi Sheiks                                           I’ve Got Blood In My Eyes For You                  Compilation
BB King                                                              It’s My Own Fault Baby                                  Lonely Nights
John Verity                                                        Spoonful                                                           My Religion
Geoff Bartley                                                     Put The Big Stone Down                               Put The Big Stone Down


Show No 034                            14th  October 2016

Show No.034     14/10/2016                        song                                                                      album

Charlie Wheeler                                               People Keep Talking                                       Blues Karma
Davy Graham                                                    Ain’t Nobody’d Business If I Do                 A Scholar & A Gentleman
Jason Elmore                                                     Double My Money                                          Champagne Velvet
Kris Barras Band                                                Big City Lights                                                   Lucky 13
Blind Lemon Jefferson                                   Broke & Hungry                                                   Blind Lemon Story
Richard Cox-Smith                                           Diddy Wa Diddy / Blake’s Rag                     Solos & Duets
Vaneese Thomas                                             Sweet Talk Me                                                  The Long Journey Home
King Biscuit Boys                                               Motor mouth Mama                                      Got My Eyes On You
Ian Siegal                                                             Hard Pressed                                                     2wenty 5ive
Mary Jo Curry                                                    Wrapped Around My Heart                         Mary Jo Curry
Walter Trout                                                      Fly Away                                                              Battle Scars
Hard Swimmin Fish                                          True Believer                                                     True Believer
Matt Andersen                                                 Honest Man                                                       Honest Man
Deb Ryder                                                           Ain’t Gonna Be Easy                                       Grit Grease & Tears
Show No 033                            3oth  September 2016 Show No.033     30/9/2016                            song                                                                      album

Tinsley Ellis                                                     It Takes What It Takes                                       Speak No Evil
Sam Mitchell                                                   Travelling Riverside                                          Art Of Bottleneck
Sleepy John Estes                                         Broken Hearted, Ragged and Dirty Too               compilation
Hilary James                                                   Fighting The Jug                                               Bluesy
King Biscuit Boys                                           Sucker                                                                 Got My Eyes On You
Buddy Guy                                                      Someone Else Is Slippin In                             Slippin In
Otterlie Patterson                                          Poor Man’s Blues                                              That Patterson Girl
Paul Butterfield                                              Blues With A Feeling                                        Paul Butterfied
Ellis Bailey                                                      Waiting Game                                                    Elberta Sessions
Mary Stafford                                                  Crazy Blues                                                               various
Colin James                                                   Gypsy Woman                                                     Blue Highways
Lightnin Hopkins                                           How Long Has It Been                                     Penitentiary Blues
Rebecca Downs                                            It’s That Easy                                                      Believe
Mike Cooper                                                  Death Letter                                                       Oh Really


Show No 032                            23th  September 2016 Show No.032     23/9/2016                            song                                                                      album

Lonnie Brooks                                                 Don’t Take Advantage Of Me                      Hot Shot
Tampa Red                                                       No Matter How She Done It                        various artists
The Blue Spiders                                            Party Girl                                                          Two
Gertrude Saunders                                        Don’t Let Your Love Come Down               various artists
Mark Harrison                                                 In The Dark                                                      Turpentine
Swamp Things                                                I Can’t Be Satisfied                                        Catfish Row
Sari Schorr                                                       Ain’t Got No Money                                       A Force Of Nature
Sonny Terry Brownie McGee                       Billy Goat Blues                                               various artists
JJ Thames                                                       I’m Leaving                                                       Raw Sugar
John Mayall                                                    Another Man                                                     Blues Breakers
Mike Zito & The Wheel                                 Chin Up                                                             Keep Coming Back
Snooks Englin                                                Let Me Go Home Whiskey                            New Orleans Street Singer
John Cee Stannard                                       Lady Luck                                                         Bus Depot Blues
The Wily Bo Walker Band                            Motel Blues                                                      Wily Bo Story
King Louis & LaRhonda Steel                   Walking The Dog                                              Rock Me Baby
Paul Lamb                                                     Quit That Woman                                              After Hours


Show No 031                            16th  September 2016 Show No.031     16/9/2016                            song                                                                      album

Mavis Staples                                                    Step Into The Light                          Have A Little Faith
Billy Hamilton & Low Riders                         Don’t Waste Your Time                 Pay Some Money
Richard Porter                                                   Working Class Blues                        not known
Connie Lush Band                                            I Don’t Sat Goodbye                       Renaissance
Leroy Carr                                                           Blues Before Sunrise                      Prison Bound Blues
John Verity                                                         My Religion                                        My Religion
Bad Pennies                                                       Please Baby                                        Turned Up Again
Mandy Lee                                                         Tain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do various artists
Sari Schorr                                                           Ain’t Got No Money                       Force Of Nature
AG Weinberger                                                Sweet Little Number                      Live In Bucharest
Albert Collins                                                     Fake ID                                                 various artists
Kaz Hawkins Band                                            Don’t Make Mama Cry                  Feeling Good
GT Boos                                                               Walk My Path                                    GT Boos Band
Wentus Blues Band                                         Thin Red Line                                     Lucky Strike Mama


Show No 030                            9th  September 2016 Show No.030     9/9/2016                              song                                                                      album

Peter Green                                                     I’m A Steady Rollin’ Man                               Hot Foot Powder
Big Bill Broonzy                                              Baby I Done Got Wise                                    Big Bill Broonzy
Grady Champion                                            Bump And Grind                                             One Of A Kind
Jordon Patterson                                            Living Without Your Love                              Back On Track
Mark Harrison                                                 So Many Bad People                                     Turpentine
Blue Spiders                                                    You Don’t Get The Blues                               Two
Sea Sick Steve                                                Just Because I Can                                        Man From Another Time
Kris Barras Band                                             Tearing Me Apart                                             Lucky 13
Duster Bennett                                                Worried Man                                                    Out In The Blue
Waltlake & Fuschi                                            Going Down Slow                                         Kicking Up The Dust
Wentus Blues Band                                         Key To Love                                                     Man Of Stone
King Biscuit Boys                                             Pep In My Step                                               Got My Eyes On You
Kelly Joe Phelps                                              Beggers Oil                                                      Roll Away The Blues
Billy Hamilton & Low Riders                         Don’t Waste Your Time                                  Pay Some Money Reserve
Richard Porter                                                Working Class Blues                                      unknown


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